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add-reverse-proxy 100755 0 kb
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nginx-reloader.service 100644 0 kb
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To setup: - copy the reload-nginx shell script somewhere sane: ```bash mkdir -p /root/bin sudo cp reload-nginx /root/bin ``` - copy nginx-reloader.path (change this to point to the path where the nginx configuration files are) and nginx-reloader.service (change this to point to the reload-nginx shell script) to /etc/systemd/system (or an equivalent directory see `man systemd.unit`) ```bash vim nginx-reloader.path vim nginx-reloader.service sudo cp nginx-reloader.{path,service} /etc/systemd/system ``` - enable the new systemd units: ```bash sudo systemctl enable nginx-reloader.{path,service} sudo systemctl start nginx-reloader.{path,service} ``` - adjust the add-reverse-proxy script to use the path in nginx-reloader.path and run the add-reverse-proxy script ```bash vim add-reverse-proxy ./add-reverse-proxy http://localhost:9203 ``` - ??? - profit.