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Simple command line utility to query the Index Thomisticus hosted on Corpus Thomisticum and display the results. # Installation: To install from source: - Get sbcl: []( - Get quicklisp: []( - Get buildapp: `sbcl --eval '(ql:quickload :buildapp)' --eval '(buildapp:build-buildapp)' --exit` - Build this project: ``` ./buildapp --load ~/quicklisp/setup.lisp --eval '(push (truename #p".") asdf:*central-registry*)' --load-system `basename $PWD` --entry `basename $PWD`::main --output `basename $PWD` --compress-core ``` # Usage: ``` ./it-lookup '=ordo' '=dicit' ``` This form displays the results for the query '=ordo =dicit' and prompts for further commands or queries. Note that, if you use any of the search operators supported by corpus thomisticum, you probably should quote the query: i.e. not `./it-lookup =ordo =dicit` but either `./it-lookup '=ordo' '=dicit'` or `./it-lookup '=ordo =dicit'` ``` ./it-lookup ``` This just prompts for commands or queries. When at the `Query?` prompt, `next` will bring up the next page of results. `prev` brings up the previous page of results. `quit` exits. and anything else is submitted as a query to Corpus Thomisticum.