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* Introduction This is a minimal implementation of a syslog-like protocol that is tested against a minimal syslog daemon included with Gentoo, rsyslogd and OpenWRT's log daemon. This also includes a command line program that listens for incoming syslog connections, pretty prints them and then saves them to an sqlite db in /tmp/logs.db. By default, this client includes the ability to recognize dnsmasq's log entries and record them to their own tables. The db needs to be precreated with this schema: create table messages (severity int, facility int, tag text, pid int, message text, host text, ts datetime default current_timestamp); create table dns_query (query_type text, request text, requester text, added text default current_timestamp); create table dns_reply (query text, reply text, added datetime default current_timestamp); * TODO - other db backends - customizable db paths