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This is the main directory for the 2.x release of Yale Haskell. This file contains some basic information about how the system is organized and put together. You should set the variable $HASKELL and source the haskell-setup script in this directory before attempting to use Yale Haskell. If you are rebuilding from the source release, see the scripts and README files in the $HASKELL/com area. You also need to modify the haskell-development script. Yale-specific information: Source files in this directory area are under RCS control. Use the `rci' and `rco' aliases (from haskell-development) to check things in and out. By convention, each directory containing source files should have subdirectories named RCS (for RCS files), t (for compiled T files), lucid (for compiled Lucid CL files), and cmu (for compiled CMU CL files). Each subdirectory containing source files should also have a file that defines a compilation unit for that subdirectory. (See support/compile.scm for information about the compilation unit utility.) support/system.scm loads all the compilation unit definitions. To load the system into Common Lisp, you need to load the file support/cl-support/cl-init.lisp. This will automagically compile any outdated or missing files. However, you need to type in an (in-package "MUMBLE-USER") once it finishes. Don't try to load the system into T. It's broken! See support/t-support/t-init.t. All system-dependent code goes in either support/cl-support or support/t-support. For information about the mumble compatibility package used as the implementation language for the rest of the system, see support/mumble.txt.