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# Introduction Eventually, this repository will just contain an implementation of various social authentication protocols in common lisp. Right now, the only supported protocols are OpenID Connect and Facebook Login. The OpenID Connect implementation has only been tested against Google. More testing to follow. This repository also contains a "demo" application that uses the openid-connect library: a self-hostable rss reader. Eventually, this project will be split into its own repository, leaving this one for the authentication part. Also, eventually this library will have a better name. # Installation notes This project implements the OpenId Connect API. In its current state, it can authenticate a user against Google and display the informaiton Google sends back. The only tricky requirement it has is cljwt, a library for parsing JSON Web Tokens, which is not in quicklisp but can be gotten from <>. (This is my fork, I've made a couple changes since the original library didn't support the signature algorithm Google uses). (c) 2015 Edward Langley, distributed under a 2-clause BSD License